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Dry Irish Nitro Stout (12)


The Cape Town Brewery’s award-winning Dry Irish Nitro Stout is now available in a can!

A great tasting stout, which is also fun to pour. Shake it, crack it, and pour it!

PLEASE NOTE: You’re buying a case of 12 beers with every purchase.

264 in stock (can be backordered)

The Dry Irish Nitro Stout from the Cape Town Brewery.  This beer & brewer won the Gold Medal at the African Beer Cup for best Irish style beer in Africa and will shortly be available in 440ml cans for the consumer market.
The beer is packed on Nitro and requires the consumer to Shake & Pour the beer in an unconventional way to normal beers as the can is without a ‘widget’.  5 turns of the can in a back and forth manner will mix in the liquid Nitrogen and then the beer is to be poured into the middle of the glass creating the classic cascade and creamy finish.  The Shake & Pour technology is explained clearly on the can.
The Dry Irish Stout is an African take on the classic Dublin Beer, known throughout the world.  Always best fresh and plentiful, the beer is easy to drink and throughly satisfying.  The ABV is 4.2% so it is light and right for most occasions.  The IBU’s appear high at 40, but the Nitrogen masks a lot of the IBU's, providing a rich, creamy beer with some bitterness, but not too sweet.

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