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Craft Beer in the Mother City

welcome, beer lovers

The Cape Town Brewery!

Welcome to the Cape Town Brewery, one of the up-and-coming breweries in Africa. We’re a bit of a gypsy brewery that’s currently based out of Woodstock & strive to create a clean, crisp, and refreshing beer that leaves you with a great taste and a better experience.

Our influence has always come from our surroundings, from the breathtaking slopes of our famous Table Mountain to the postcard-perfect vistas of Cape Town. With this city of ours always changing, so is our brand. We might be new but there are BIG THINGS coming over the next few months.



Our first creation… and we couldn’t be prouder! Introducing our award-winning Dry Irish Nitro Stout – now available in a can.

This super clean Dry Irish Stout offers a fresh café mocha aroma with a perfectly balanced malty and slightly smokey finish.

Served on Nitro, this beer is incredibly creamy and surprisingly light. This beer is the perfect easy-drinking choice that stays true to its Irish roots.

So, how does it work? Using our Shake & Pour method, we’ve done away with the little ball of Nitro that you’re used to. With ours, we WANT you to shake it up, pour and enjoy.

This fun style of pouring is just one of the great aspects of this brew. So, why not give it a try?

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